Coordination team

The scientific coordination of the project: management team and the executive committee.

Coordination and management team

Colomban de Vargas et Damien Guiffant




Colomban de Vargas, scientific coordinator of the project, and Damien Guiffant, scientific project manager are the OCEANOMICS management team.

Colomban is the head of the Evolution of Plankton and Pelagic Ecosystems (EPEP) team of the UMR7144 Adaptation and Diversity in the Marine Environment (AD2M) of the Roscoff Biological Station.


Formerly from the same team, Damien Guiffant is now part of the Vidon Group (Intellectual Property Law Group). He is now acting as a subcontractor to ensure the project management.





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Colomban de Vargas, coordinateur scientifique, et Damien Guiffant, manager de projet d'OCEANOMICS


Comité d'exécution

Ian Probert


Ian Probert coordinates the first Working Group: Organization and data archiving.

Ian is responsible for the Marine Biological Resource Center at the Roscoff Biological Station within the Research Federation FR 2424.

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Ian Probert, coordinateur du groupe de travail Organisation et Archivage de données du projet OCEANOMICS



Lars Stemmann


Lars Stemmann coordinates the OCEANOMICS Working Group: Environmental data.

He is professor at the University of Paris VI and team leader of Processes in Pelagic Ecosystems at the Oceanography Laboratory of Villefranche-sur-Mer.

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Lars Stemmann, coordinateur du groupe de travail Données Environnementales du projet OCEANOMICS



Eric Karsenti et Sébastien Colin


Sébastien Colin and Eric Karsenti coordinate the Working Group Morphological data of the OCEANOMICS project.

Sébastien is part of the Colomban de Vargas team at the Roscoff Biological Station. Eric, scientific director of Tara Oceans expedition, is responsible for a research group at EMBL.

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Sébastien Colin et Eric Karsenti, coordinateurs du groupe de travail Imagerie



Patrick Wincker


Patrick Wincker coordinates the OCEANOMICS Working Group Genetic data.

He is group leader of LABIS at the Genoscope laboratory in Evry.

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Patrick Wincker, coordinateur du groupe de travail Données génétiques du projet OCEANOMICS









Pascal Hingamp et Chris Bowler


Pascal Hingamp and Chris Bowler are responsible for the Working Group Bioinformatics and Ecosystems Modeling.

Pascal is lecturer and is team member of the Mediterranean Institute of Oceanography in Marseille.

Chris is group leader of Plant and Diatom Genomics at the Ecole Normale Supérieure in Paris. He is also in charge of coordinating the Working Group Screening and Active Compounds Research.

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Pascal Hingamp et Chris Bowler, coordinateurs du groupe de travail Bioinformatique et modélisation des écosystèmes



Anne Emmanuelle Kervella


Anne Emmanuelle coordinates the Working Group Legal aspects of Bioprospecting.

She works at the Roscoff Biological Station as head of the International Relations team within the Research Federation FR2424.

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Anne Emmanuelle Kervella, coordinatrice du groupe de travail sur les aspects légaux de la bioprospection dans le cadre d'OCEANOMICS



Stéphane Bach


Stéphane Bach co-cordinates with Chris Bowler the OCEANOMICS applied research Working Group Screening and Active Compounds Research.

Stéphane works at the Station Biologique de Roscoff and is responsible for the screening platform KISSf within the USR 3151.

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Stéphane Bach, coordinateur du groupe de travail Criblage et Recherche de Composés actifs au sein d'OCEANOMICS



Romain Troublé


Romain Troublé, managing director of Tara Expeditions, coordinates the Working Group Innovation, Application, and Communication.

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Romain Troublé, coordinateur du groupe de travail Innovation, Valorisation et Communication du projet OCEANOMICS